What is audio description and how is it created?

What is an audio description? What are the characteristics of a good audio description and how is it prepared? How does creating an audio description for an exhibition differ from a play and a film? The devil is in the detail.

Author: Regina Mynarska

Customer case: WCAG audit - accessibility of a theater website

The audit included testing of the site's compliance with WCAG 2.1 at AA level and testing with users with disabilities. Within the limited time and budget, we detected more than 160 issues. We proposed solutions for each of them too.

Author: Kacper Mikocki

How to maintain accessibility long term?

Examples of methods to look after digital accessibility in the long term: general and specific training, process changes, test automation, accessibility monitoring and testing with users with disabilities.

Author: Dariusz Drezno

Accessibility - legislation

What requirements do the Polish and European Accessibility Act impose on companies and institutions? When have they been in force? What penalties are associated with non-compliance with these regulations? What are the regulations in other countries? And what does all this mean in practice.

Author: Dawid Górny

Customer case: Digital accessibility workshops for Museum of Krakow

Warsztaty podzielone były na część skupiającą się na technologii webowej oraz mobilnej. Podczas czterech godzin warsztatów uczestnicy mogli zapoznać się między innymi ze sposobem w jaki osoba z niepełnosprawnością wzroku korzysta z czytników ekranu na komputerze oraz w smartfonie a także mogli poćwiczyć sprawdzanie dostępności swoich rozwiązań pod okiem doświadczonych testerów.

Author: Kacper Mikocki

Customer case: Introduction to mobile apps accessibility testing

More than 40 testers and developers attended the online training and entered the world of mobile application accessibility testing. In a post-training survey the meeting was rated 4.66 on a five-point scale. The vast majority of participants declared the usefulness of the knowledge gained in their daily work and their desire to participate in future meetings and workshops on digital accessibility.

Author: Dariusz Drezno

Which accessibility training to choose?

Training needs vary depending on the role in the project. Designers and UX specialists need to learn how to create accessible user interface designs, developers need to learn how to create accessible apps, and testers need to learn how to test and automate WCAG-compliant tests. It is worth taking the time to select training tailored to the audience instead of training everyone on everything.

Author: Dariusz Drezno
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