Accens - accessibility testing, accessibility audits, accessibility training, accessible websites, accessible mobile apps.

We make the world more accessible

We are digital accessibility specialists.

We audit, create, implement and test IT solutions to serve everyone.

We train creators of inclusive products and services.

Make your product or service accessible with us

Digital accessibility

We verify the accessibility of websites, information systems, mobile applications and devices. We fix accessibility issues. We design new, accessible solutions.

A drawing of a dark-skinned girl with pink headphones on her ears.

Education in accessibility

We teach how to create accessible software, devices, content, events. We help to understand the needs of people with disabilities.

Drawing of a boy with a blindfold standing with his hands placed on his hips.


We create a business that is accessible to all. We work with businesses, public institutions and NGOs. We build community.

Drawing of a low-grown woman in an orange t-shirt and jeans.


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