Customer case: Introduction to mobile apps accessibility testing

Author: Dariusz Drezno


The goal was to present the topic of developing and testing accessible mobile apps (for both Android and iOS) at a meeting of the Accessibility Guild bringing together testers and developers creating custom apps.

Screenshot. Trainees on the Teams platform, dozens of smiling faces.

It was very important for the client to get as many participants interested in the topic as possible and further motivate them to explore the topic.

Due to the remote location of many team members, it had to be conducted in online form.


The two-hour event had the following agenda:

  1. How mobile apps are used by people with disabilities (performed by a visually impaired tester).

  2. Manual and automated detection of basic accessibility issues of mobile applications.

  3. Accessibility testing throughout the software development cycle.

Microsoft Teams was used for the training - thanks to sharing both video and audio, participants were able to experience how blind people use a smartphone and see how assistive technologies built into mobile devices are used in practice. Among other things, we demonstrated how to test the accessibility of mobile applications using TalkBack (Android) and VoiceOver (iOS) screen readers, and how to use switches thanks to Switch Access (Android) and Switch Control (iOS). We also discussed automated accessibility scanners - Accessibility Scanner and Accessibility Inspector.


In a post training survey participants rated the meeting at 4.66 on a five-point scale.

The vast majority declared the usefulness of the knowledge gained in their daily work and their willingness to participate in future meetings and workshops on digital accessibility.

To the question in the post-training survey "Would you encourage others to attend such a meeting?" almost all respondents answered "Yes":

Pie chart showing 40 "Yes" and one "No" responses.

Also the work of our trainers received a positive response, when asked "Would you recommend these trainers?", participants responded as follows ("Tak" means "Yes" in Polish):

Pie chart showing 40 "Yes" and one "No" responses.

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